761C•Space Met Brazil CNS enterprise group & Exclusive Interview of CNS President

2018-05-30 19:00:00

May 29 th, Xia Wenhuan, the executive secretary of ICI and the vice president of 761C·Space, met and signed an agreement with CNS President Luigi Nese at CIFTIS. Both sides agreed on business cooperation and officially signed a MOU on introducing international innovation companies and startup teams in the ICI-761 international landing pad, and integrating resources to facilitate matchmaking between organizations of both countries. After the signing ceremony, Mr. Luigi accepted an exclusive interview of 761C·Space.

On the morning of May 30 th, CNS enterprise group visited 761C·Space, Tus Holdings and Rongtong Group put forward the cooperation intention of environmental enterprises and higher learning institutions in S&T Park, and “XuetangX” docked with Academia PME.

Promoting cooperation between China and Brazil

CNS is a trade union organization, which is managed and invested by the Brazil National Federation of trade unions. It represents the interests of enterprises in CNS, and promotes their investment and cooperation. CNS has been in contact with China for a long time, and actively established contacts with Chinese enterprises when the first CIFTIS was held. President Luigi said that IT, software, infrastructure (health facilities) and tourism are the industries that CNS focuses on and gives priority to the development.

ICI-761 international landing pad—the first office in mainland China of CNS

At present, CNS's first office in mainland China is set up in ICI-761 international landing pad. President Luigi proposed that ICI and 761C·Space will be able to introduce Chinese enterprises to Brazil, and CNS could provide information consulting services for Chinese enterprises at the same time, especially legal and tax consulting services, and also provide logistics support. As a subsidiary of BEHC and BBEF, 761C·Space has rich information technology industry resources to cooperate with the CNS member enterprises, especially the IT and the software enterprises.

Looking forward to the future development and cooperation

CNS entered the Chinese market in 2012, and established a friendly cooperative relationship with China. CNS involved the fields of education, environmental protection, automation, IT and others in past cooperation activities. Now it’s focusing on service industry. In the future, the activities between China and Brazil enterprises will be carried out through ICI and 761C·Space, and CNS hopes that ICI and 761C·Space could assist CNS in the promotion of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities. At the same time, CNS can also provide office areas for partners in Brazil. Besides, it will provide government, technical and talent supports.

About CNS

The CNS - National Services Confederation is a trade union entity founded on February 8th, 1999 and with trade union registration granted by the Ministry of Labor and Employment, published in the Official Gazette on March 7th 2005. Currently it represents 6 Services Federations, 80 trade unions and more than 400,000 companies which link several sectors of the economy to provide services like Information Technology (computing, systems, etc.), Internet Service Providers, Telecommunications, Landscaping, Sports Academies, Insurance Brokers, Maintenance Services, Automotive Services, Mechanical Workshops, Education, Culture, among several others.

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