BBEF-761C·Space Open Day&ICI Int'l Landing Pad Launch Event

2018-05-17 10:20:00

May 15, BBEF-761C.Space Open Day & ICI International Landing Pad Launch Event successfully held in Beijing, China.

Government officials from the Beijing Municipal S&T Commission and Zhongguancun Xicheng Science Park addressed at the event.

Over 100 participants from international and local attended the event, including EU SME Centre, Embassy of Australia, Embassy of LTU, BenCham, CCIFC, KOTRA, Kazakh Invest, SKOLKOVO, and ICI members.

Qi Zhanyong, President of BBEF, introduced the main business, platform resources, industrial background and objectives of 761C·Space to the participants both at home and abroad. 761C·Space acts as an ICI secretariat as well as an international technology transfer platform of Beijing Electronics Holdings to connect international opportunities to Chinese companies and investors. 761C·Space works with ICI together to create a home to the international SMEs and startups and facilitate their market access in China.

At the launch ceremony, 4 international organizations and companies signed up with the ICI Landing Pad. They are ZETAPLAN, Asmik Ace, ACBIC and CNKZ, from Korea, Japan, Australia and CIS respectively. More ICI members like CNS, GWI, Sinnolabs, the UoA Innovation Institute China will move in soon.

A special workshop of “best practice sharing” was organized following the launch ceremony. The workshop gathered industry-oriented investors, ICI international members together and exchanged the knowledge of best practice in facilitating international startups landing China through co-incubation and cross-border venture.

In the second half of Open Day, 761C·Space in association with ICI Korean member, Zetaplan, organized a roadshow and B2B for 12 Korean hi-tech companies. More than 40 Chinese companies and investors joined the event. The projects cover some high-end sectors like new ICT, IC, medical & health, intelligent equipment, energy-saving, new materials, artificial intelligence, etc.

BBEF-761C·Space is acting as a new pioneer of international technology transfer and incubation service provider and welcomes partners to work together in future.

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